Aurclan Border Terriers
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                                 Next Planned Breedings: 
                               Winter, 2
015  & Spring, 2016
                       Accepting waiting list names at this time

                      The beautiful Southern Oregon coastline                                  reprint approval:  Laurie Moore

                    Forest loves balls                                        Lola & Bodie live in Northern California

       Scarlet now lives in the Portland, Oregon area                                                Rudy in his youth

Aurclan is small hobby house of Border Terriers located north of Grants Pass, Oregon.  Breeding happens infrequently and usually to find our next show pup.  Our breeding program is based on established Redgate, Foxforest & Bohunt bloodlines with careful attention focused on acquiring OFA, CERF  "CHIC" designated health clearances (Eyes, Heart, Hips, Patella's prior to breeding.

             Playing chase in the yard                                                                                     New Babies

                Shoreacres Coastline                                                     Vito lives in Lakeside, Oregon

Our dogs are raised in the house and live underfoot.  They play outside during the day in our kennels and are inside at night.  They are loved and cared for like human children.
  They sleep in our bed, lounge on our furniture and have full run of the house and yards.

                Grandma Maddie with her progeny                                       Forest being his normal goofy self

The Aurclan foundation line came from Judith & Tom Rivers of Redgate Border Terriers in Connecticut.  An outcross line was added in 2010 from Gaela Whyte of Bohunt Border Terriers in Australia. 

                        Rudy on the lookout                                                     Vito wants Maddie to play                                 
Please contact us if you have any questions.  We love having visitors but call ahead, as we are often away to a dog show or play weekend.


Nancy Duncan Hembrow, Wolf Creek, Oregon
also found on Facebook
                                        Cell:      541-217-1786





We travel to dog shows in my little Class C. 
Exercise pens are set up outside and we accommodate for the weather.


Typical fenced yard / Set up at the dog show

          Puppies get outside with the adults                                          They tire quickly like human children and need naps.




                                                      Puppies get lots of time outside in the play yard

     This website is always under construction...additional photos and     information will be added as time permits.

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